Experience Kovac
and learn how we began and why we started


Relish the latest technology to explore the space as if only you are there. Our latest 2D to 4G technologies implemented in different cubicles and space-dedicated zones makes our planetarium one of the most innovative ones on the planet.

We aim to improve just like how science keeps on evolving


Enjoy discounted rates for children and low rates for adults during weekdays. We also have special coupons for the elderly, school students, and teachers. Our entry portfolio also has cards for annual visits for educational institutions, which allow for three visits in a year at the cost one.


Space Environment Inside

It is as if you are flying in the sky without any fear. While the look is real, the feel is also real and the environment is also real.


Our Best Offer

We are offering a guide book that enlightens you about the aerospace and other related allied sciences. This book is much like an insider into the secrets of the cosmos world.